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Whether it’s a full symphony or an intimate dramatic performance, delicate steps of a ballet,or powerful voices of a choir, the acoustical environment can dramatically impact the quality and enjoyment of any performance.

We can integrate acoustic materials, finishes, and technology seamlessly into your performance space—including audio and video design, variable sound absorptive materials, sound isolation of the building, mechanical and electrical systems. Trust us to enrich the cultural landscape of your performance space, and you’ll receive rave reviews from every audience.

Performance Services

Consultation Services Include:

  • Acoustical Design for the Architectural Space
    • Large Rooms, Concert Halls, Theaters
    • Small Theaters and Intimate Theaters
    • Dining and Other Entertainment Venues
  • Sound System Design
  • Video System Design
  • Sound and Video System Evaluation
  • System Optimization and Upgrade Design
  • System Education and Training Services
  • System Tuning and DSP Programming
  • Noise Control
  • Acoustical Testing, Analysis and Evaluation of Existing Spaces
    • Reverberation
    • Noise Levels
    • Speech Intelligibility
    • Sound Distribution
    • Sound Transmission

Performance Services

Wisconsin Lutheran High School Auditorium
Wauwatosa, Wisconsin

Room Acoustics Consultation  

The auditorium of this high school is actually a multi-purpose room. Worship, band and orchestra concerts, drama, lectures, and musical shows are all presented in the room. A pipe organ is installed in a side wall chamber. Noise from the entry lobby transmitted into the auditorium, and some of the original sound absorbing materials at the room’s rear wall had been damaged.

Acoustical improvements include the installation of appropriate amounts and locations of sound absorbing and sound reflective/diffusing side and rear wall features, and sound absorbing materials within the entry halls from the lobby. Movable sound reflective wall and ceiling shells were also added to the stage area.