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In the workplace, the distraction of a colleague’s phone conversation can keep you from completing a task accurately or on time. High-volume sound can cause accidents and damage hearing. And environmental noise can cause annoyance to neighbors in the community. 

Carefully considering each organization’s needs, we develop innovative solutions using new materials designed to enhance speech and reduce noise where appropriate. We can also conduct on-site testing to diagnose noise problems, and develop appropriate solutions. 

In addition to promoting a healthier environment, our sound solutions can help maximize productivity, enhance clarity of information and preserve speech privacy.


Consultation Services Include:

  • Acoustical Design for Business and Industrial Spaces
    • Offices
    • Stores
    • Show-Rooms
    • Manufacturing Facilities
    • Meeting and Conference Spaces
  • Speech Clarity/Intelligibility
  • Sound Isolation & Privacy
  • Noise Control Design – Exterior to Interior
  • Noise Control Design – Between Adjoining Spaces
  • Noise Control Design for Technical Systems
  • Sound System Design
  • Video System Design
  • Sound and Video System Evaluation
  • System Optimization and Upgrade Design
  • System Education and Training Services
  • System Tuning and DSP Programming
  • Acoustical Testing, Analysis and Evaluation of Existing Spaces
    • Reverberation
    • Noise Levels
    • Speech Intelligibility
    • Sound Distribution
    • Sound Transmission

business/commercial/industrial portfoliobusiness/commercial/industrial

Germantown, Wisconsin
Office Re-design

The large “open plan” office space, and a private conference room within this suite were built with hard surface gypsum board walls and ceilings, along with the generous cubic air volumes in the rooms created an environment with excessive reflected and distributed background “noise.”  The carpeted floors were insufficient areas of sound absorbing material to effectively absorb and subdue unwanted noise. Further, the loosely closing and thin glass doors and windows to the conference room allowed sound transmission to the adjoining corridor, such that there was inadequate privacy.

The design solution included the installation of sound absorbing cloth covered fiberglass panels at critical wall and cornice surfaces.  Further, tack-able sound absorbing panels were added to individual work cubicles.  Upgraded sound sealing doors and windows were installed in the conference room.

Law Offices, US Bank Center
Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Acoustical Consultation

The conference center for the law firm is a completely new design/installation within an existing high-rise office building. The conference center has multiple meeting rooms to accommodate groups from 5 to 50 attendees. In addition to live meetings in the rooms, teleconferencing is also conducted. A kitchen is included to provide food service. 

Privacy and confidentiality are the primary goals, along with clarity of speech within each room. Acoustical consultation recommendations included the design and specification of wall construction and materials between conference rooms and to adjoining corridors, restrooms, and kitchen facilities. Treatments for sound control and speech clarity were also recommended within the meeting rooms.