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As one of the nation’s leading acoustical consulting firms, Riedel & Associates offer comprehensive acoustics engineering and design services. Our highly skilled consultants have a remarkable history of success!

Guided by a commitment to quality, excellence, and integrity, we transform spaces into dynamic listening environments—from churches, concert halls, office buildings, school auditoriums, public institutions to residential homes.

Our Noise Control Engineers also provide noise abatement (soundproofing), environmental noise & vibration testing, and sound mitigation services for clients in Wisconsin and across the United States. Our acoustic engineers are also equipped for airborne & impact noise transmission testing in condominiums according to ASTM standards

Our Pipe Organ Consultants provide comprehensive project supervision and technical guidance for the restoration, rebuilding, and relocation of existing organs, as well as the design and specification of new or re-purposed used instruments nationwide. Consultation is available for a church organ project ranging from small chapels to rural or urban or parish churches, and to seminary, college and convent chapels, as well as large cathedrals of all denominations. We also offer church pipe organ tuning, maintenance, and repair services.

By blending art, science, and decades of real world experience, we develop enduring solutions that silence unwanted noise and enrich the fullness, presence, and clarity of speech and music. Enjoy and celebrate the sounds of life. Hear the difference.

In addition to architectural acoustical design we also offer A/V design specifications, evaluation, and testing.
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The following free articles are intended to facilitate discussion and education as to your acoustical environment. Review them at your leisure. Please feel free to call or email us at any time if you wish to discuss our professional consultation services. We are here to help!

Classroom & School: Condominium, Residence & Home: Sound & Video Systems:
Standard Audio / Video System Structure
     By Dave Hosbach
Church Sanctuary: Pipe Organ:
Guidelines for Pipe Organ Temperature Control
     © 2006, American Institute of Organbuilders ( pdf only )

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